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What is a Business Degree?

A degree in business administration covers business operations and various specializations, which include finance, marketing, accounting, operations, entrepreneurship, and project management. There are different types of business degrees ranging from undergraduate studies, master’s degrees, and doctorate programs.

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Doctoral Degree Students

Accounting Degrees

Accounting majors typically go on to pursue positions in finance, accounting, and tax. Accountants enjoy excellent job security because businesses across all industries are always in need of their services. Typical courses required for this major include financial analysis, accounting, economics and business law.

Masters Degree Students

Entrepreneurship Degrees

If you aspire to start, own and manage your own business, earning a business degree with a major in entrepreneurship is a smart move. Typical courses include marketing, accounting, business strategy and performance management. The skills you acquire easily translate to working within an organization too, so you will always have a fallback plan.

Graduate Certificate Students

Marketing Degrees

A marketing degree opens up all kinds of doors. Popular positions include marketing coordinator, marketing manager, and marketing specialists. These professionals work in organizations across all industries, as most need assistance in product promotion, customer retention, consumer research, brand awareness and other areas that help them grow, expand and remain competitive.

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What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

A business degree can be applied to a wide range of career options, depending on the level of degree and the area of specialization. Advanced business degrees, such as an MBA or Doctorate of Business Administration often funnel into executive level positions, management, business leadership, teaching, or research. Obtaining an advanced degree can sometimes help professionals in business-related fields achieve a bump in salary. With an undergraduate business degree or business certificate you can develop skills for a new type of position, transition to new career, network with peers, develop leadership skills, and build skills to increase job performance.

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